The Positive Ageing Plan
The Positive Ageing Plan

The Positive Ageing Plan

Autor: Dondos Vicky
Wydawnictwo: Penguin Books
EAN: 9780241464243
Okładka: Miękka ze skrzydełkami
Data wydania: 2021
Język: angielski
Ilość stron: 292
Wydawnictwo: Penguin Books
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Opis produktu

When we look in the mirror we want to see a fresh-faced, radiant and confident version of ourselves and Dr Vicky Dondos has spent fifteen years helping her clients see just that. In The Positive Ageing Plan she shares her advice for how you can enjoy an effortless, confident glow, at every age.

The aim isn't to look younger, but to look and feel good about yourself and your appearance throughout your life. In this empowering guide, Dr Vicky demystifies the ageing process, reveals the products that are worth investing in and shows you how to create your own personalized programme, so that you can care for your own health and appearance in a way that works for you, your schedule and your budget.

The expert advice in this book will help you:
- Better understand your own skin
- Find the skincare approach that works for you
- Learn radiance-boosting lifestyle tips
- Get the lowdown on the cosmetic treatments available to you
- Above all, appreciate your own natural beauty

Whatever your reasons for picking up this book, it is a science-based, straight-talking, judgement-free guide to finding the best options for your skin and will help you grow the confidence that comes with looking great.


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