Final impact world war 2.3
Final impact world war 2.3

Final impact world war 2.3

Wydawnictwo: Penguin
EAN: 9780141029139
Okładka: oprawa miękka
Data wydania: 2008
Język: angielski
Ilość stron: 560
Wydawnictwo: Penguin
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Opis produktu

The Sequence of event of the Second World War was altered forever at the very moment the task force of ultra-modern stealth warships emerged from a rip in the time-space continuum. Hurled back from 2021 to 1942 after a quantum experiment goes horribly wrong, no one could have predicted the impact of this futuristic fighting force. Chaos ensues...In the third and final gripping instalment of the "Axis of Time" trilogy, the revised history of the War is more alarming than ever. Hitler and the Japanese race towards atomic capability; Stalin plots to tear down the future and rebuild it in his own image; and the allies begin their Great Crusade, with the weapons of know-how of the twenty-first century. The final battle of the war is about to begin... An action-packed, cracking good read -- (Of Designated Targets) Herald-Sun If there was a Booker for explosive alternative history techno-thrillers with guts and brains, it would be a cinch -- (Of Weapons Of Choice) Sydney Morning Herald An excellent page-turner -- (Of Weapons Of Choice) FHM


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